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Join Vertu in Vertu Boutique - The Dubai Mall for the unveiling of our stunning bespoke phone collaboration with Wissam Shawkat. Together, Wissam and Vertu have created a selection of New Signature Touch handsets that incorporate iconic Arabic calligraphy designs honouring the theme of ‘love’. Wissam’s calligraphy integrates a high level of craftsmanship with a contemporary interpretation of the art form, an ethos completely shared with Vertu’s beliefs. These beautiful handsets will be available to buy from a select group of Boutiques, including Vertu Boutique - The Dubai Mall, and the boutiques listed below. 

Vertu Boutique - The Dubai Mall in Dubai is your gateway into the world of extraordinary that only Vertu can provide. Within Vertu Boutique - The Dubai Mall you will find our stunning collections and exquisite accessories, and our knowledgeable staff will do everything in their power to find you your ideal Vertu. 

Buying your Vertu is about much more than just a phone – it’s your passport to the extraordinary. Concierge, Life and Certainty provide you with 24 hour access to exclusive services and events – facilitating your every request. To find out more, speak to our Vertu store manager in Vertu Boutique - The Dubai Mall.

*You can visit any authorised Vertu boutique for general repair and maintenance needs, regardless of warranty cover. The boutique will be pleased to complete the service request form and send your Vertu product to our nearest Service Centre. 

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